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Steel Manufacturing Software

Steel Manufacturing Software, It is a software that we have developed to aim to upgrade the steel and aluminum industry in Thailand. by the steel mill-lathe program It is a tool that helps in production, cutting, grinding, milling, plating and other work related to the steel industry. to help make the way in production easier


Steel Manufacturing Software

Business owner

  • see production overview.
  • View sales overview.
  • See an overview of the best selling products.
  • Track production status in real time.
  • production planning in advance.
  • help assess the risk in order to prevent production that may be lagging.
  • Track jobs, job status from anywhere.


  • Prepare documents for online sales.
  • Price calculation system according to the type of work suitable for the steel and aluminum industry.
  • Forward sales work to the production department.
  • Follow up production work to coordinate with customers.
  • See an overview of sales and top sellers.
  • Collect customer and contact information.
  • No more document loss problems.

Line Production

  • Know the plan and production order in advance.
  • Update and track production.
  • Able to manage steel in stock.
  • Cutting calculation system
    Notification system via Line and Email.

Steel Manufacturing Features

Steel Manufacturing Software, It is a program designed to respond to the complex processes and operations of the steel and aluminum industry. focusing on the transition from calculating to paper work It is the use of the program to help calculate, bid, plan production. follow up production plan Manage stock and delivery, etc.


We have a system for calculating prices and making quotations. It has been designed to support especially for steel mills - lathes, which will have a quotation function for all types of steel specifications.

Special calculation system for the steel industry

Computing system designed especially for the steel and aluminum industry. which is different from other product price calculations.

Production planning and tracking system

Able to forward production work between departments with a notification system and forwarding the work including updates on production progress to be able to track which departments are currently producing.

Stock Management

Stock Management System It is designed to store all types of steel and aluminum stocks. It also keeps a history of cutting.


besides the production process We also have vehicle and delivery management functions. To be able to work continuously after finishing a production job within the program.


Can see an overview in a variety of dimensions, such as monthly production production of each machine Production in each department/station sales of each type of product, etc.

Free consultation.

If you have a good idea who want to develop or looking for programmers to make your ideas come true. Please feel free to contact us to discuss. We are degrading to give advice.