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Cloud ERP Software

We are a ERP consultant and software developer who develop ERP software for every module such as Sales, Finance, Purchase, Warehouse, Inventory, Logistics, HRMS and etc. To ensure you will get the maximize benefit.


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a software that was developed for planning and managing the resources of an organization. To achieve maximum utilization of the resources of the organization It is a system that connects various working systems of the organization together such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resources System production management system Warehouse and distribution system To help the planning and management of the company’s resources efficiently. It also reduces the time Reduce costs and workflows as well as to increase the competitive advantage of the business as well.

More Than Cloud ERP.

           But we can develop programs that are tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

✓ Suitable for all types of businesses

✓ Implemented automation

✓ Manage documents with automation

✓ Design the system to suit your organization

✓ Helping to solve problems in the work system within the organization

✓ Reduce (cost, uptime and errors)

✓ Increase work efficiency

✓ Increase convenience reduce workflow


We care about the actual use of our customers. Therefore, our system is designed with the speed of processing in mind. This ensures that the system will respond quickly to applications.


System flexibility is the key to usability. We develop software with flexibility in mind. Therefore, our system can be adapted to the working style of each organization according to the needs.


Easy to use and compatible with all devices. Our software is compatible with all devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones. This allows you to work even if you are not in the company.


Purchasing System

  • ● View an overview of orders.
    ● Automatic document work system.
    ● Track order status.
    ● Price comparison and recommendation system.
    ● Notification system (Email / Line).

Sales Support System

  • ● View overview of sales | marketing.
    ● Automatic document work system.
    ● Sales support system.
    ● Sales status tracking system.
    ● Notification system (Email / Line).

Accounting and Finance

  • ● Sales-buying system.
    ● Record expenses by. scanning the bill.
    ● Payment system.
    ● tax system.
    ● Asset System | Journal.

Warehouse & Inventory

  • ● View warehouse overview.
    ● Warehouse management.
    ● Automatic product import system.
    ● System for cutting, withdrawing and distributing products.
    ● Document automation.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • ● View an overview of the production of products.
    ● Automatic production planning system.
    ● BOM management System.
    ● Machine Management System.
    ● Document automation.


  • ● Shipping planning.
    ● Determine the plan.-car-delivery location.
    ● Follow up the delivery situation.
    ● Share delivery status to customers.
    ● Notification system (Email / Line).

RPA & IoT Technologies

  • ● Program training service.
    ● Deliver a detailed instruction manual.
    ● Warranty service.
    ● After-sales service.

Human Resources (HR)

  • ● Personnel Management System.
    ● Payroll System.
    ● Performance assessment system.
    ● Support for working outside the place.
    ● Online leave and approval system.

Supply Chain System

  • ● Complete supply chain system.
    ● Improved automation.
    ● Troubleshoot and simplify.
    ● Improve performance.


Excellent ERP Software

Better Internal Management

Costs Less & More Profit

Training & Manual

Warranty & After-sales service

Free consultation.

If you have a good idea who want to develop or looking for programmers to make your ideas come true. Please feel free to contact us to discuss. We are degrading to give advice.