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Our Services

Software & Application Development Service

programming service software development and applications by which we have brought modern technology And effective development techniques are used to develop programs that meet the needs of customers. with the goal of delivering high quality programs. can actually be used for customers and answer all usage questions


Production Planing Software

Production planning software. It will help your factory planning to have a clear production plan. Able to track production status in real time, can view production overview Assess production risks and delays Reduce duplication of production problems production page error make the production more smoothly.

Steel Manufacturing Management Software

We are the developed the steel menufacturing management software. To respond to the steel mill industry, aluminum, lathe, which has functions for calculation of cutting, grinding, milling, turning, surface treatment, stock management system. Cutting history recording system and many other functions.

CRM Software

We are the developer of sales support programs. To meet the use of companies and salespeople who want to track sales and want to know the overview of sales with various functions such as issuing quotations Management and customer allocation system Sales tracking system Sales targeting system and etc.


ERP Software​

We are a ERP consultant and software developer who develop ERP software for every module such as Sales, Finance, Purchase, Warehouse, Inventory, Logistics, HRMS and etc. To ensure you will get the maximize benefit.


We are experts in e-commerce website development and We have high experience to providing and developing e-commerce websites with large corporations.


Mobile & Web Application

We are the designers and developers Who are created excellent websites and applications for various organizations in all industries such as corporate website, e-commerce website and any software that customers need.