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Software Development Company

Programming services, software and applications development  according to your requirement with a professional team in various business groups and industries.


Davdeva is a Software house . We’re developing software and applications and end-to-end solutions based on customer requirements. We are committed to programming and deliver a quality software  to fix the problems, Increase work efficiency, reduce costs and reduce working time.

“It’s not just about getting programming on demand. But we will want to fix your problem. and ready to move towards the future together.”

Software and Applications Development.

At Devdeva, We are a team that specializes in  programming, software and application development  according to the customer’s requirements. We have knowledge and understanding in every industies and every business sector. which we have focused on bringing techniques, technologies and modern tools to develop a high quality software to deliver our customers.

Why Devdeva?

“At Devdeva, we don’t just develop software according your requirements. But we see you as our Partner to move forward together.”

Excellent team

We have experts team member to analysis, design and programming. Including direct experience in a variety of businesses and industries.

One-stop service

Not just programming. But we provide a full range of services from consulting, project analysis, design design, development, validation. Training to support after delivered.


We hold sincerity in working with our customers. clear contract documents No hidden costs.
"Because you are not a customer, but our partner"

Our Services.

Davdeva, we develop software and applications according to customer requirements with a commitment to deliver high quality programs to help troubleshoot, reduce working time, reduce costs and increase work efficiency.

Software development according requirement

  • Programming according to customer needs both online and windows applications.
  • Programming for every business and various industries.
  • We have a professional team with experience in designing and programming.
  • Programming according to the tools (Tools) and the language that the customer wants.

Web Application Development

  • Programming web applications according to customer requirements.
  • Programming E-Commerce Platform (E-Commerce)
  • Get to write an ERP program for only the module that the customer wants.
  • Support multi devices such as PC, Notebook and Smartphone.

Mobile Application Development

  • Get mobile programming according to customer requirements.
  • Get programming for mobile applications (Android)
  • Programming a mobile application (iOS)
  • Deployed on Google play and App Store.

Purchasing System

  • ● View an overview of orders.
    ● Automatic document work system.
    ● Track order status.
    ● Price comparison and recommendation system.
    ● Notification system (Email / Line).

Sales Support System

  • ● View overview of sales | marketing.
    ● Automatic document work system.
    ● Sales support system.
    ● Sales status tracking system.
    ● Notification system (Email / Line).

Accounting and Finance

  • ● Sales-buying system.
    ● Record expenses by. scanning the bill.
    ● Payment system.
    ● tax system.
    ● Asset System | Journal.

Warehouse & Inventory

  • ● View warehouse overview.
    ● Warehouse management.
    ● Automatic product import system.
    ● System for cutting, withdrawing and distributing products.
    ● Document automation.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • ● View an overview of the production of products.
    ● Automatic production planning system.
    ● BOM management System.
    ● Machine Management System.
    ● Document automation.


  • ● Shipping planning.
    ● Determine the plan.-car-delivery location.
    ● Follow up the delivery situation.
    ● Share delivery status to customers.
    ● Notification system (Email / Line).

RPA & IoT Technologies

  • ● Program training service.
    ● Deliver a detailed instruction manual.
    ● Warranty service.
    ● After-sales service.

Human Resources (HR)

  • ● Personnel Management System.
    ● Payroll System.
    ● Performance assessment system.
    ● Support for working outside the place.
    ● Online leave and approval system.

Supply Chain System

  • ● Complete supply chain system.
    ● Improved automation.
    ● Troubleshoot and simplify.
    ● Improve performance.


Free consultation.

If you have a good idea who want to develop or looking for programmers to make your ideas come true. Please feel free to contact us to discuss. We are degrading to give advice.