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Production & Material Requirement Planning Software

MRP software. It is a software for planning. control and monitor production in industrial plants The system has been designed for use in all manufacturing industries. This will help your factory to have a clear production plan. Reduce duplication of production see production overview Track production in real time and help coordinate work between each production department.


Production & Material Requirement Planning Software (MRP Software)

Business owner

  • See an overview of the production in the factory.
  • Tracking production status in real time.
  • Production planning in advance.
  • Help assess the risk in order to prevent production that may be lagging.
  • see production efficiency
    Plan and track production from anywhere.


  • Know the plan and production order in advance.
  • Prevent duplication of production problems.
  • Help coordinate production between departments/stations.
  • Reduce the use of documents and prevent document loss.
  • Notification system via Line and Email


  • Increase the efficiency of coordination within the production department.
  • Have a clear production plan.
  • Control the production process to be effective
    They can work together from each point of the factory or between factories.
  • Reduce redundant work
    Reduce document loss problems.

Production & Material Requirement Planning Software (MRP Software)

MRP software will make factory operations easier and more organized. The program will help control the working time and provide an action plan for the production department. so that each production station can work together effectively Real-time production tracking reduces the risk of production delays. Reduce operating errors document usage problem and lost documents.

Project page.

production project is Title for that production This will help identify which customer's production it is. which order number Help determine the delivery time And can save the production plan template for future use.

Production plan page

It is a page used to specify details that are required in production, such as which departments/stations are produced. Forwarding of work between production departments, number of production, production error Machine number used, responsible person and documents related to production.

Forward products to next station.

Able to forward production work between departments with a notification system and forwarding the work including updates on production progress to be able to track which departments are currently producing.

Quality control.

Able to check the quality of the workpiece to forward/receive workpieces between the production departments. or between the production department and the quality inspection department.

Production overview.

Real time tracking for each production project.


Able to view production overview in many dimensions, such as monthly production production of each machine Production in each department/station or delayed production rates, etc.

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