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D-CRM Software | CRM Software

D-CRM’s a CRM software for supporting sales for salespeople. The system is designed to support the use of every business. This will help the sales team to efficiently execute sales and follow up sales tasks.


About CRM Software

Business owner

Sales team


CRM Functions.

D-CRM software ‘s a CRM software that was developed to help support sales for business owners and salespeople. to be able to carry out sales operations and follow up on sales efficiently Customer Data Management and see an overview related to sales.

Customer management

able to manage customers effectively Manage new customer information Take care of old customers so they don't fall off.

Sales management.

Salespeople track sales tasks effectively. Issue sales documents from anywhere record sales activities Documents related to sales are not lost. View history and record sales work for each customer. can save appointments And save contact information and people involved in that sales job.

Document management.

Able to manage sales documents and issue quotations from anywhere. Keep records of various documents related to sales.

Maintain old customer

Able to manage new sales opportunities Track and monitor the shopping behavior of both new and existing customers. View promotions that customers like.

Customer appointment.

Able to record sales activities and add appointments with customers to the calendar.


Sales overview, Sales overview, Outstanding salesperson and Best seller.

Free consultation.

If you have a good idea who want to develop or looking for programmers to make your ideas come true. Please feel free to contact us to discuss. We are degrading to give advice.